"We need loving and caring friends with whom we can speak from the depth of our heart."

Henri Nouwen


Missionaries ministering cross-culturally experience many exciting stories – stories and experiences they can share with their supporters, sending-churches and people ‘back home’.

Missionaries also experience struggles, doubts and fears as well as crisis situations, conflicts and discouragements – stories and experiences many missionaries have no place to process and no-one to share with.


One of the first things Jesus did after his resurrection was to meet two of his disciples as they were walking away from Jerusalem towards Emmaus.

As he walked alongside them, he asked the question looking at their downcast faces: What has happened?

He gave them the gift of allowing them to share their story. His disciples needed to process what had happened.

The process of guiding you to share what you have experienced and processing those experiences is called debriefing.


The Le Rucher Exchange at the Cross™ debriefing model was designed and is aimed for Missionaries having served cross-culturally. This 5-day debriefing model was created by LeRucher, an international ministry focusing on de-briefing, community development and ethnic reconciliation.

I have been trained and board certified by Le Rucher Ministries in France.

"Debriefing is an opportunity to share your experiences in a structured process with caring, trained people who will give you ample time and space to reflect on them and the impact they are having on all your relationships."

LeRucher Ministries

Who is it for?

I focus on cross-cultural missionaries and Christian aid-workers.

Debriefing is for missionaries who need a break from ministry and a place to simply be and unpack what has happened.

Some missionaries stop for a debriefing on their way for furlough, during a transition period such as a change of teams, fields or ministry focus or as they retire from active ministry.

Some missionaries come for a debriefing after an involuntary departure of their country of ministry due to natural disaster or political repercussions.

Some missionaries come because they simply need a break and possibly a renewed calling for their service in God’s Kingdom or a good closure.

Debriefing is an important intermission for you as a missionary so that you can minister in a healthy, sustainable and God-honoring way.

What does a debriefing look like?

You will arrive Sunday evening or Monday morning. After settling into your room, we will meet for the first time where I will give you a brief overview over the week.

Your debriefing intermission takes five days (Sunday evening – Friday after lunch). During these days you will have space to share your story and experiences. You will work on specific assignments that help you process what has happened and notice the impact your experiences have on you. We will follow the LeRucher debriefing model. Also, there is time and space for you to rest, relax and most of all, (re-) connect with Jesus.

You can expect to meet with me daily for 2-3 hours and spend the rest of your day processing, reflecting and working on your own. Having someone listening to your story can be powerful, validating and healing. However, what I pray for you during a debriefing week is an encounter with Jesus because this is what you really need!

You will stay on Campus in Tyrone, GA, or organize your own accommodation. The debriefing is an intermission, a time away from ministry and you are encouraged to NOT engage in work or respond to e-mails – this is a time for YOU, because your story matters!


And what does it cost?

The 5 day “Exchange at the Cross” Personal Debriefing Retreat costs USD 800 (USD 1300 for a couple) and includes the debriefing and accommodation (room with a small kitchen) at OM USA property for 5 nights (Sun-Fri).

If you choose to organize your own accommodation (AirB&B/Hotel) the cost is USD 600 (USD 1050 for a couple).

Please contact me if finances prohibit you from debriefing. Also, contact me if you are a missionary fully living from support.


Where is it and how do I get there?

We are based in Tyrone, GA, just south of Atlanta. Arriving with your own car or a rental car will allow you greater flexibility. However, as we are just 20min from the Atlanta International airport (ATL), transport to and from the airport can be arranged.

Questions, Comments, Feedback?

What Others Say

"I spent five days with Kurt debriefing much of my time the last several years serving in the Middle East. The process was simple to understand and very helpful to unpack and evaluate the various aspects of my life and the effects from various events. It allowed me to also invite Jesus in to speak to areas that still needed healing. I highly recommend him and this process."

Todd P, serving in the Middle East