Watch over your heart with all diligence,
For from it flow the springs of life.

Proverbs 4:23

Soul Care

We know that God is always loving, always present and always inviting us to grow closer to Him. We know that He is always working in our lives both when we find ourselves in places of beauty as well as in places of ashes. But we need to experience what we know!

We experience Jesus by paying attention to the emotions we experience, by paying attention to what makes us afraid. We experience Jesus by turning to Him when something we hold dear is threatened, by not ignoring that empty space in our soul we cannot fill ourselves. We experience Jesus by identifying the unmet needs, fears and concerns. We experience Jesus when we trust Him with our ashes instead of dealing with them ourselves. As followers of Jesus, we need Soul Care - allowing our Good Shepherd to ‘restore our souls’ (Psalm 23:3).


Soul Care is God’s invitation to become aware of our inner lives and invite Him into the messiness of it. Soul Care is growing in our intimate relationships with God by responding to what He is speaking into our lives. Soul Care is noticing the audacious love and grace God pours into us and being transformed by that love. Soul Care is learning to live out of our deepening relationship with God and our true identity in Christ. Soul Care is wearing the crown of beauty God bestows on us while trusting Him with the ashes.

How about you?
How are you taking care of your soul today?

An Invitation to Take Care of Your Soul

As a space for a short intermission to take care of your soul in the midst of your busy schedule, we offer an invitation to a short pause for Soul Care.

This intermission comes as a blog post and offers a thought, a question to ponder and an invitation to pause for a moment and pay careful attention to what is happening on the inside, inviting God into your daily life – wherever you might find yourself today and this week

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We pray for you, care for you and hope you join us as a fellow pilgrim on our journey to a deeper relationship with Christ. Feel free to join our community of fellow pilgrims by receiving new “Soul Care e-mails” and comment how you are taking care of your soul.

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“Great word, Kurt. Timely, relevant, concise. Thanks for sharing.”

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“This is a very thought provoking and great Soul Care E-mail. Thank you for investing the time, thought and energy into getting these out to us.”

"We will be more healthy when our hearts connect with God!
As we connect with God, we will develop a deeper longing for God, we will notice how much we need him."